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NOTE: The REST API module is included with GLOBODOX Suite and is not available with GLOBODOX Standard.

Consider this…
  • Do you want to add document management capability to your existing applications with minimal effort?
  • Are you a reseller who would like to promote value-added solutions among your customers?
  • Do you work as a Systems Integrator who integrates various software applications to work together?

Then GLOBODOX API is for you…


Acme Corp. has a custom-built accounting system that they use to generate invoices. To manage the invoices and supporting documents efficiently Acme Corp. decides to implement a document management system. Acme Corp. wants…
  • One-click method to upload documents from the accounting system to the document management system.
  • The ability to view the documents in the accounting system without opening the document management system
globodox module Scenario rest api

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By using GLOBODOX as their document management system, Acme Corp. could integrate their Accounting system with GLOBODOX by using the GLOBODOX REST-based API.

    An Upload Document button was added to the Accounting system to add invoices directly to GLOBODOX.

  • While being added the documents are also indexed via relevant metadata such as invoice number, customer name, etc.

    A View Documents button is also added to the Accounting system to view the invoices belonging to any customer.

  • Users can view the documents in the Accounting system itself without needing to login to GLOBODOX and search for the documents.
globodox modules rest api solution
globodox modules rest api solution2


  • Improved document accessibility:
    With the help of GLOBODOX REST API, document accessibility becomes easier for people in the organization. Any system such as CRM, ERP, EMR, etc can access documents from GLOBODOX by using REST API
  • Ease of use:
    The REST API can be used directly or by via the GLOBODOX .NET SDK, the GLOBODOX Javascript SDK or the GLOBODOX PowerShell command line utility.
  • Improved productivity:
    GLOBODOX REST API enables employees to perform tasks faster and a greater amount of work can be done in a shorter time period. Employees can now spend more time on crucial tasks that will help the business to grow.
  • Improved data accuracy: GLOBODOX REST API reduces the need to duplicate data entry in multiple systems, you can vastly reduce the probability of human error.

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