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Jon King,
Employment Enterprises Inc, USA
We have been using GLOBODOX for almost a year now and it suits our needs perfectly. We shopped around and compared a dozen solutions but couldn’t find any features that made paying two or three times the GLOBODOX cost seem worth it. We called 10 companies using GLOBODOX and discussed their experiences with the software and everyone had good things to say.

I am happy to report that we have had a great experience using GLOBODOX on our network. we have more than a dozen users connecting to GLOBODOX with over 35,000 files stored inside the system with more feeding in daily. The performance is great. The system is reliable. The search and retrieval is fast and easy.

A few times we have had questions about configuration or upgrades and needed to reach out to support, they have responded quickly (within a few hours) and they have been great at diagnosing and solving the issues.

If you are searching for a document management solution but can’t figure out why some of those solutions cost as much as they do, GLOBODOX may be exactly what you are looking for. It has been for us.

M.D., Circulatory Care of New Jersey
My medical practice has very successfully implemented an excellent, and very affordable, way to move to a completely paperless medical record without yet having to deal with the huge expense and challenges that exist with currently available E.H.R. products.

I have implemented a generic, but highly sophisticated and intuitive, document management system called GLOBODOX ( for only about $4000. GLOBODOX is clearly the most user-friendly and intuitive document management system out there and requires almost no training at all to use it effectively.

I have scanned all my charts into this system, and now have an easy to use paperless medical record. We use wireless tablet PC’s in the exam rooms, dictate all our notes and correspondence with voice recognition (Dragon), all faxes and hospital records are imported paperlessly or scanned into the system, we fax letters without printing, we have easily established electronic workflow for documents, we save our files as requisite non-editable tiff files complete with non-editable meta-data for every document and secure encryption, and we now have a completely paperless office, and my staff absolutely love it!! Importing documents is a snap, either simple drag-and-drop directly into the desired location in GLOBODOX, or scan directly into GLOBODOX with the click of a mouse.

With a careful planning and implementation, there were almost no transitional challenges, and definitely no meltdown in operations!

Furthermore, ITAZ support is highly responsive and very knowledgeable, and there is also even enthusiasm in ITAZ to take suggestions from its users to further enhance the product. For anyone seeking a paperless solution, medical or otherwise, GLOBODOX is the answer.

Florida, USA
Great, fairly priced, document management system for small to medium sized projects. Helpful customer service. Recommended.
Partner, New Discovery Financial Services
We are a small business and you tend to find that document management systems either cater for the large firms and cost a fortune or are too basic as they are aimed at the personal user. Itaz managed to fill that hole in the middle by offering a selection of options and priced the software that didnt put it out of reach for the small business or personal user.

I would like to thank Itaz for providing modern document management system that gave me exactly what I was looking for. Initially, there was one feature missing that kept us as a user but when I mentioned that to the support team at Itaz, they had added that feature to GLOBODOX within a week and personally emailed me to let me know it was now included.

INow that is first class support.

The key advantages of GLOBODOX over for us were document versioning, file encryption, document templates and the ability for the software to handle MS Office 2007 documents within the preview window. Knowing their support was pro-active and quick just made the transition from very easy. Since moving to GLOBODOX, we have also utilised features that we never thought we needed or could make use of. We now make use of the multi-user logins across a local area network, document types and stacks. Options that were not previously available with our previous software.

We also had the specific requirement that the software ran on Vista 64 bit and whilst some other document management software didnt allow this, there was no problem with GLOBODOX. We even tested it with Windows 7 beta and it worked on that as well.

Thank you Itaz for listening to what your customers would like and acting upon it to provide a valuable software to our business.

We are a retail computer store in Anacortes, WA. Our particular store model has 4 stores within our store handling websites, retail, repair and training. This results in a huge amount of paperwork coming into the facility. In addition, we are constantly buying inventory from a variety of vendors and keeping track of it all proved to be impossible. Frankly, we had so much paper we just couldn’t keep up. It had overwhelmed us.

I used my Internet skills to search the web for the best all around solution for document management. It needed to be affordable and run in a database we used here at the store. It also needed to be easy to scan and enter information.

After putting a variety of different solutions under a microscope GLOBODOX became the obvious front runner.

We have not been disappointed. We have since created numerous custom fields and custom document types allowing us to separate our business paperwork into neat understandable sections. We can instantly find documents for any purpose without having to run to a filing cabinet or sift through a stack of papers.

It has changed our business model and we look forward to a long productive relationship with this product.

If that were not enough, I would like to also say that the support for this product is wonderful. The team at GLOBODOX obviously cares about customer satisfaction and repeat business. It shows in how responsive they have been when customer specific problems arise.

Potential customers may feel free to contact us via our website with any questions about our experience.

Christopher Olson, Operations Manger,
Treasure Island Coins, Inc., Fargo, ND, USA
DoQuments has been a real lifesaver for us. We were looking for a way to archive our massive amounts of paperwork into a digital format and be able to locate the content based on its attributes. At the same time I thought it would be great if we would be able to integrate the document meta-data into our existing MySQL database. DoQuments provided the solution to both of these wishes – and in a very powerful and flexible way.

Being able to create our own custom fields is a great feature. We are able to file our PDF, Word and other digital “paperwork” away based on any criteria that we require. Retrieving the information is a snap as well, using the integrated simple or advanced search features in DoQuments or by using our own custom SQL queries to the database. Now, all of our counter paperwork, bills, letters and invoices are all highly available secure in our servers, ready to be located and viewed at a moments notice.

The Itaz support team has been exceptional. Their quick responses, personal emails and follow ups to the few issues I’ve encountered have always been much more than I expected. Any time there has been an issue they have quickly fixed the problem and updated the entire application with new code to totally address the issue.

We have been very satisfied with the performance and support of DoQuments and look forward to its continuing development.

OA Systems, Texas
We are an environmental science and engineering company in business since 1991. We are certified as a small disadvantaged business.
The project that we using your software on involves mining information that has been complied over the last 15 to 20 years. Our client wanted a means to organize the available historic technical papers related to the site in a searchable filing system prior to archiving the project documents. It is our hope to provide an accessible database that allows our client to search for documents that may be important to various interests and persons.

GLOBODOX provided an off-the-shelf simple to use means to organize the historic library of technical reports and data sets.

As we experimented with our non-standard use (archiving) of your software we called upon your technical support group several times and they always responded promptly — they even adapted the software for us so that we could transfer the database onto a portable drive.

We believe that this software best met our needs and was within the budget for this temporary and relatively smaller data project. The customer service has been outstanding. When we have had questions our e-mail has been answered in 24 hours, or less, each time.

…service, ease of use, multi-user friendly, simplicity, can be fitted to a smaller project, economical (didn’t have to buy a large, complex software package and that would be overkill), responsive service when needed…
No complaints.

M.D., Physician, United States
I have used DoQuments for around 3 years. I have also use “X” (competitor’s name withheld). There is no comparision. DoQuments is simply better – much better. It is a client – server application built for the network. It uses MSSQL or MySQL backend. It is easy to set up – creating customized fields for your database is easy via a wizard. GLOBODOX are easily entered into the database by either scanning or grabbing off the hard drive.

Alot of my documents are faxed into my network and then I easily file them into DoQuments. The record is quickly completed for a new document via auto-fill.

Queries are lightening fast and a table is displayed showing all the documents for that query. Simply highlight and click and the document appears.

There are alot of additional “neat” features that I have had no reason to use such as templates etc. The price is reasonable. Upgrades are released frequently throughout the year. Support is excellent.

It has been a good investment to date.

The Netherlands

If you have been hesitating about digitizing your archive, and never found the programme that did all the things you needed, Doquments might give you the final push to take the gamble.

It is easy, comprehensive and flexible, and gives you the feeling that you’re on top of all the stuff you have to keep track of.

“And the support service is great: you get answers and solutions – fast !

Attorney at Law, United States

As a solo-practitioner attorney, I could not afford the very expensive document management systems that the large law firms use. When I searched for an affordable alternative, I was delighted to find the GLOBODOX database by ITAZ. This product was inexpensive, but very powerful and easy to use.

Thanks to ITAZ, I now enjoy a state-of-the-art document management system customized for my particular needs – all at a very small cost. I am thoroughly happy with the product and would recommend it without reservation.


I really appreciate your tech support – it is very prompt and usually fixes my issues immediately. I also really like your product – it works well, is intuitive, has a good help file – well done. Thanks.


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